Nutrition Tips

I don’t know very much about this fitness program, but I found their list of nutrition tips and thought it was a nice way to start of the new school year!  I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely need to focus more on healthy eating as the summer winds down and real life starts again.  Hope these help you off to a good start!

The Lomax Way: NutrITION TIPS

1. Good, old fashioned H₂O….

Make sure you drink water (preferably bottled, distilled or filtered) and plenty of it! It helps to plump up your skin and rid your body of toxins, including fat!

2. Don’t eat or drink anything that your great grandmother wouldn’t recognise…

Our diets have evolved over the years to include foods and products which, if our great grandmothers were to come across, wouldn’t have a clue what it was – take Cheese Strings or a Skinny Mochachino for example! Generally, these are the things which are bad for us anyway.

3. Switch bad fats for good ones….

Out with the saturated fats and in with the omegas! Not only does it help your skin to glow, it also helps to maintain your hormone balance and support brain function. So to ensure you’re a happy wife with the wit and intelligence to impress even Einstein, make sure you get rid of those fatty foes!

4. Eat the Rainbow…..

Make sure each meal is packed with colour. In a day you should be ‘eating the rainbow’ (food items in colourful packaging do not count!) to ensure you’re getting a whole variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to protect your body.

5. Take a good multi-vitamin….

Although your diet will be balanced and you will get good levels of vitamins and minerals due to eating nutritionally dense foods, intensive farming has led to a decline in the quality of foods thus very often most people are not reaching optimum levels of micronutrients. A multi-vitamin will help to bridge the gap.

6. Chew your food properly….

If you inhale your food then you tend to eat double what you should be eating. Make sure you chew your food properly, not only does it ensure you don’t eat as much, it also helps with digestion.

7. Stop thinking about calories and start thinking about how food benefits you….

Some people will have a doughnut rather than eating lunch since in terms of calories, it equates to nearly the same. However, a doughnut will in no way give you the same nutritional benefit as a balanced meal, so, start to think about food as something that keeps you well, not just as a source of energy.

8. The first bite is always the best…..

With so many delicious gastronomic delights out there these days it’s not always easy to say no to yourself. Try just having a couple of teaspoons of a dessert to satisfy your craving, this will also prevent you from piling on the pounds!

9. Have the right kinds of snacks….

We’ve all suffered from that mid-afternoon slump and opt for the sugary pick me-up, but this will make you crave more sugar by unbalancing your blood sugar levels. Make sure you’re having a snack that is not refined/sugary to keep those hunger levels at bay. Try opting for a piece of fruit, a small pot of plain, natural yoghurt or a couple of oat cakes with cottage cheese instead.

If you’re going to remember anything, remember this….. ‘If you put rubbish in, you get rubbish out….’  The science is simple!    By Zoë Copsey, Lomax Bespoke Health – London.


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